What is Remedial Massage ?

​It is the systemic assessment and treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist the patient in rehabilitation , pain and injury management. It includes a trained therapist to conduct an assessment and plan an individual treatment for each session tailored to the condition of each individual.

Welcome to the Proserpine Massage Clinic !

Located in the Proserpine Main Street and offering Remedial Massage treatments by Qualified health practitioner  Shelley Evans the Clinic was opened in January 2016. With over 12 years experience  Shelley provides Remedial massage tailoring each treatment to suit individual needs, post massage care advice, performance taping, reflexology, deep tissue and trigger point therapies and is currently studying Oncology massage treatments having completed Level 1 in July of 2017 and Module 2 in December 2017. Other services offered include Infant massage instruction at the Proserpine hospital and safe massage for Pregnancy. 

Shelley is continuously learning new skills to provide a range of treatments and keep up to date with massage practices. She is a member of the Massage & Myotherapy Association and can provide Private Health fund rebates for Remedial massage treatments. 

What's happening? 

What is Reflexology?

​The application of pressure points to the feet or hands. The theory behind Reflexology is that the pressure points correspond with the organs and systems of the body. It is a relaxing treatment and may also assist to alleviate stress.


There are big plans this year with study and in the Clinic ! 

I am attending Mentor days in February for Oncology Massage and scar management followed by Complex Lymphatic therapies in Canberra in March . 

Following this path has been an incredible journey . So far completing Oncology Massage modules 1 & 2 . This course has taken me on such a rewarding journey of knowledge in theory and practical application of Oncology massage and I look forward to the next stage.

What is Trigger point therapy?

A trigger point is a tight area within the muscle that causes referred pain to other areas of the body and locally.

The use of trigger point therapy in a treatment releases constricted areas in the muscles therefore alleviating pain. The benefits can be felt following just one treatment and the ongoing effects of regular treatments can help alleviate pain from chronic injury and muscular stress. 

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