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Welcome to the Proserpine Massage Clinic !

Located in the Proserpine Main Street and offering Remedial Massage treatments by Qualified health practitioner  Shelley Evans the Clinic was opened in January 2016. With over 12 years experience  Shelley provides Remedial massage tailoring each treatment to suit individual needs, post massage care advice, performance taping, reflexology, deep tissue and trigger point therapies and is currently studying Oncology massage treatments having completed Level 1 in July of 2017 and Module 2 in December 2017. Most recently in March 2018 Shelley completed training in Level 1 & 2 of Complex Lymphatic therapies which includes the management of Lymphoedema through Manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, exercise and skin care as well as education. 

Other services offered through the Clinic include Infant massage instruction at the Proserpine hospital and safe massage for Pregnancy. 

Shelley is continuously learning new skills to provide a range of treatments and keep up to date with massage practices, she is also a member of the Massage & Myotherapy Association and the Australasian Lymphology Association and can provide Private Health fund rebates for Remedial massage treatments. 

An Oncology Massage therapist has specialist training to understand the impacts of cancer treatments on the body.
Therapists adjust the massage according to the client's symptoms.
Oncology Massage is a complementary therapy used alongside cancer treatment and is proven to reduce both common side-effects of treatment and the quality of life.
This is a very gentle style of massage with the client's comfort being the most important consideration.

Definition from Massage and Myotherapy Australia

Remedial Massage Therapists are trained to assess and treat muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue and treat injuries and soreness.

They employ a variety of treatments for use in pain management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions, postural conditions, sporting and occupational injuries. They should hold at least a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

To determine where to treat patients effectively, remedial therapists must have a working knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.

A typical remedial massage session must involve a thorough patient consultation and assessment to determine the patient’s health status.

The goal of remedial massage is to help the body return to normal health after injury by reasonably reversing certain physical effects suffered as a result of moderate injury causing structural pain and/or lost mobility or function.

The treatment is designed to remediate the given condition by reducing or eliminating pain and restoring function.

Information from Massage and Myotherapy Australia

Manual Lymphatic Drainage ( MLD) is one of the 5 components of Complex lymphatic therapies for the management of Lymphoedema. The other 4 being Exercise, Skin Care, Compression therapy and Education.
MLD is not only suitable for Lymphoedema patients, depending on your individual needs and a consultation interview it may be suitable for you.

The following is the definition from Massage and Myotherapy Australia.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage involves a range of specialised and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to move skin in the direction of the lymph flow through a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes.
MLD is a gentle whole body treatment which is designed to relax the nervous system and aid the body's immune system.
The technique is designed to support the body to naturally eliminate excess toxins, dead cells, viruses, bacteria and chemicals.
This type of massage may also relieve fluid congestion and swelling, promote wound healing and relieve stress/anxiety and should be provided by a therapist with specialist training.